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  Reversible Tapping Attachments  
Also available Non-Reversible Tapping Attachments for lathes, radial drills & all machines with reversible motors.
'Taco' Patented reversible tapping attachment with robust construction offer following advantages :
Usable on every vertical drilling machine or machines with rotating non reversing spindles.
Right or left hand tapping without modification.
Complete protection against tap breakage ensured by an ultra-sensitive and smooth operating ball-dutch.
Forward and reverse ball drive design transmits rotational power to the tap and disengages smoothly and    silently
Axial float ensures smooth tapping and better thread profile.
Cushioned drive eliminates the possibility of cross threadings during roughing and finishing taps and    ensures    gauge perfect thread.
A planetary gear reversing mechanism transmits smooth positive reverse to the tap retraction and it retracts    75%    more faster than it enters.
Accurate depth control by means of its accurate neutral mechanism.
Batch quantities or mass production of tapping can be achieved accurately by this attachmnet
Having versatile application in every machine shop, it dispenses with laborious hand tapping and use of    expensive machines.

Collet for HR Model
Collet and adjustable left and right nuts to adopt all tap sizes, within an attachments rated capacity.

Tap Adaptor for HRF Model
The spindle of the attachment has quick change device
  Simple insertion of the tap shank into adaptor is sufficient    for chucking. No tools required for rapid tap change in the    adaptor.  
  For each tap with varying shank dimensions a different QA    adaptor is required.  

Model Capacity mm Collet (Tap Shank mm) Tap Adaptor Model Shank (Female) Shank Arbor
Standard Optional
HR 1 1.4-7
(1/16" - 1/4")
S161 (2.5-4.5)
S171 (4.5-6.5)
S151 (1-2.5) --- JT33 JT 33/MT1
JT-33/MT 2
HRF 1 --- --- QA-0
HR 2 3 - 12
(1/8" - 1/2")
S212 (3.5-6.5)
S222 (6.5-10)
S232 (2-4.5) --- JT6 JT 6/MT 2
JT 6/MT 3
HRF2 --- --- QA-1
HR 3 8 - 20
(5/16" - 3/4")
S413 (4.5-10)
S453 (10-16)
S433 (2.8-7) --- M20 P2.5
M 20/MT3
M 20/MT4
JT 3/MT 3
HRF 3 --- --- QA-40
HR 4 14 - 30
(9/16" - 1 1/8")
S613 (9-16)
S623 (16-23)
--- --- M-20 P2.5
JT 4
M 20/MT 4
M 20/MT 5
JT 4/MT 4
HRF 4 --- --- QA-3