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Brij Tools
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Bonded Abrasives Coated Abrasives

  Ball Grinding Wheels Belts
Crankshaft Grinding Wheels Processed Cloth
Crankshaft Re-grinding Wheels Discs
CUMIDRESS Wheel Dressers Spindle Mounted Mops & Flap Wheels
Cylindrical Grinding Wheels Rolls
General Purpose Grinding Wheels Nonwoven
PEAK Centreless Grinding Wheels Zirconia Resin Sander Disc
PEAK Toolroom Wheels Sheets
Razor Blade Grinding Wheels  
Rubber Control and Centreless Wheels  
Tool Room Grinding Wheels  
Vitrified Centreless Grinding Wheels  
Billet Grinding  
Honing and Super finishing  
Mounted Points  
HSS Cutting Tool Manufacture